Tuesday, 3 February 2009

MY STYLE; Clothes galore.

Okay, despite the current economic crisis England is facing at the moment, I still haven't been able to control my shopping habits. Though i'm more careful in selecting items of clothing that I know i will wear more than once, it seems i'm weighing out the pros of the clothes more than the cons.
At the moment, my current obsession is internet shopping. Now that i've got my debit card handy, any little thing i see on the internet has suddenly become more attractive, and two minute later i've tapped in my card number and TA-DA, it's done.
Here's a few of the items i've purchased in the last month or so:

1. Skirt - Asos.com; 2. Patent Peep Toe Heels - Priceless; 3. Butterfly Crewe Neck Jumper - Topshop; 4. Bag - Monsoon/Accessorize; 5. Plimsolls - Primark; 6. Skirt - Topshop.

I bought plenty more but can't be bothered to get pictures!

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