Sunday, 16 March 2008

New stuff.

Ooft, I haven't posted anything in a while. Over the past two-ish weeks, I've lived in New Look. I'm facinated by their shoes! I went in there everyday after school, and spent about 30minutes trying on all the shoes. In the end, I settled for some low-heel black & white courts:

Inspired by Lucia's outfit, I bought purple tights to go with them.
Then I went over to the wonderful sale section, and FINALLY found a black & white tarten skirt! But the only thing is, the skirt's too small and they didn't have another size! So I have to leave the zipper at the back undone so that I can wear it without revealing all of my bum haha!

On Saturday, I had to go out to a party, so I teamed my purple tights and new shoes with shorts (my mum wouldn't let me go out with the skirt cause she thought it was too revealing haha, my mum's black and white hoody, and a black belt.

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