Saturday, 21 February 2009

4 things

Demi tagged everyone to do this, and i've never done one so i thought i'd give it a go :D

Four places I go over and over:
1) oxford street.
2) my bedroom. [i practically live in here]
3) school.
4) town centre.

Four people who email me reguarly:
1) [i'm subscribed to their newsletter :)]
2) [also subscribed]
3) [yet again, subscribed]
4) [oh surprise, i'm subscribed xD]

Four favourite smells:
1) abercrombie & fitch mens aftershave - a DT teacher at my school wears it and he smells so lush!
2) lynx, especially dark temptation, thai massage & boost, i have the sprays and shower gels for myself xD
3) petrol - whenever i'm in a car with someone who goes to put petrol in the car, i always stick my head out the window, mmmmmmm.
4) nail varnish remover - WOW.

Four places i'd rather be:
1) back at my old house, in west london
2) new york or manhattan
3) paris
4) out with friends, just having a good time :D

Four tv shows I watch:
1) hollyoaks!
2) gossip girl!
3) 90210
4) america's next top model

xoxo, oh so glam

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