Saturday, 21 February 2009

study the same damn stolen, story that you heard before

[Stray Dog - Robert Pattinson]

Ahh i'm so tired! It's weird, during this half term i've been waking up quite early, whereas i'm known in my house for not getting up until after 12 on holidays and saturdays.
Anyways, this morning i popped out to the town centre to do abit of shopping. I first went into Primark, and i have to admit it, they do have so much good stuff in there! But the fact that their stuff is good is what puts me off buying it, because it's a shop know for it's cheap prices, everyone will also buy that same piece of clothing i like. So these days, i only get simple stuff from Primark, such as tights, plain tops and random bits of jewellry. I saw these grey tights which were gorgeous, and it's only when i got to the till to pay that i realised they were only 50p! Might have to go back and purchase some more...
After that i ventured into New Look, hoping to find the wet look leggings that I'd seen on the website. They didn't have any, so i reckon i'm just gonna order them online. Looking through the sales rack (alongside a million old people), i came across this gorgeous cardigan, which i had to get. I also got some floral lace tights :)
Then i popped into Peacocks and bought a bright yellow purse, as the one I got from Primark broke :|!

You can't really see the stuff from New Look, but I'm wearing them with my outfit for tonight (I'm going to a restaurant place with my best mates), so I'll post a photo before I leave :D!
All this cost me less than £15! [£14.50, to be precise] Bargainn ;)

+ P.S. my duvet is Barbie, i've had it since i was about 3 ^^ I'll put a proper picture up of it later :D

xoxo, oh so glam

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