Saturday, 28 February 2009

and on another note

I apologise for the lack of blogging this week, school has just been stressing me out so much! And it doesn't help that i'm never getting enough sleep :(!
Today i'm going to check out some vintage shops (Three Pound Shop, The East End Thrift Store and Cornucopia), before running havoc on Oxford Street.
I'll do an outfit post later tonight, as i'm currently in my pyjamas in bed :D!

Oh, and who watched Gossip Girl on wednesday? And Skins on thursday? :o!
Woaaaahhhhh, absolutely amazing :D

xoxo, oh so glam


  1. thanks for your sweet comments on my blog ((
    sounds like you had a fun day. i totally agree about skins & gossip girl - amazing! i reallyyy want freddy & effy and blair & chuck to get together! also emily & naomi, as they make each other so happy. naomi shouldnt be worried about what other people think.
    ♥ Hannah

  2. oh, and to answer your questions, the cardigan is from topshop & the dress is primark =)


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