Thursday, 19 February 2009

i'm a barbie girl

During this week, it was Barbie's 50th birthday! Barbie has been an icon for all, young and old, for many, many years, and I'm sure she'll still be around for a long time. I personally lost my love for Barbie after she left the gorgeous Ken for the surfer guy, but that's besides the point, she's still an important figure in the lifestyle of everyone, and she affects the way people think, feel, act and dress.
To celebrate the 50th birthday of Barbie, designers from all over the world came together, and designed pieces for a special birthday show. Here are a few of the outfits that stood out the most for me:
BEWARE; anyone who isn't a fan of pink, look away now...
(pictures from

xoxo, oh so glam


  1. thank you honey :)
    yes, I think Topshop do have something against us haha!

    barbieeee!! ahh, I love her! and I love this collection too!


  2. sweetie the bag's from zara. got it on sale. thanks for the compliment! love this!

  3. i love how they've put sweet little ankle socks with huuuge heels!
    awesome :)
    personally, my barbies all got maimed because i insisted on taking them swimming in the bath with me.
    so they went mouldy and their heads dropped off.
    woops :)
    it's my destructive nature, hahaa!
    x x x


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