Saturday, 21 February 2009

lace and studs

Tonight i went out to a mexican restaurant with my best friends, called Cafe Mojito (mo-he-toe). It was so much fun, we told them we were 18 and ordered cocktails :D Mine was gorgeous, with chocolate and baileys and vodka, and they but a banana slice on the rim of the glass, half a strawberry, whipped cream with sprinkles! Everyone was really dressed up, we all looked so mature, it was cool :)
I wore the floral lace tights i bought this morning with the studded heels i bought the other week, and hey presto!:

[black cardigan - new look; purple dress - ?; black top (underneath dress) - ?; floral lace tights - new look; studded heels - peacocks; necklace - primark; chain headband - new look; bag - primark (25p!)]

Walking out like that to go get the bus, i got honked at and shouted indecent stuff at, i'd love to see their reactions if i told them i was only 14!
+ as you can see, i have long hair now :( i'm not a long hair kind of person, but i spose i'll have to put up with it for the next month or so ^^

xoxo, oh so glam


  1. Wow, I love this headband, so sophisticated.

  2. loveeee the lace tights & studded heels, wow =)
    i just wanted to say thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog (( and to answer ur question - the lace tights are from H&M. they have lotsss of diff colours in there. their new spring/summer range is excellent - sooo many must haves! I went a bit crazy in the oxford street store a few days ago and spent wayyy too much money... but everything was so gorgeous! def worth a look ♥


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