Saturday, 14 February 2009

last night i had a dream that i was rich as hell

Stuck in on a saturday, valentine's day. YAWN. But i'm going to a party tomorrow night! Amadeus, an club in Rochester that hosts parties for Under 18's. No idea what i'm going to wear, it gets really hot as hundreds of teenagers go.
Anyways, i've realised that i hardly post outfits i wear, so here's what i wore today :)

[Top - Bring Me The Horizon band tee; Shorts - New Look; Leggings - ?; Bracelet - aunt's, but i think it's Primark]

I'm on a huge hunt for a new camera so i can take better photos, i've always had an interest in photography and would like to take it further, but i need a new camera to do so. I also need to buy knee high socks and a tulip skirt, ahhhhhh.
Happy valentine's day x

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