Saturday, 14 February 2009

Vogue's annual contest for young writers.

It's something i've put off for the last two years, as I've always thought i wasn't really ready, and didn't have the sufficient knowledge to enter this. But now, i feel that i should just go for it!
The deadline is April 14th, so it's exactly 2 months away. Here are the tasks:
1. Write about a personal memory. This could be a memory of an extraordinary event, place or person, or simply something that resonated deeply (800 words maximum);
2.Write a short feature article - either a contemporary arts review, a fashion trend piece or a piece of social observation (800 words maximum).

I've decided that for the first task, I'm going to write about either when I went to the Empire State Building, or when I went to the top of the Statue Of Liberty.
For the second task, I've decided that I'm going to write about a fashion trend, but I'm still undecided about which trend it is.
I've narrowed my potention trends down to these three:
1. Florals
2. Blazers
3. Colour Blocking

I'm leaning more towards the florals, as it's so versatile, and it's a trend that's making a reappearance in S/S09, but I'd like your opinions please :)
What would you write about?

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  1. thanks for the comment! really like your blog :) good luck with the contest x


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