Tuesday, 17 February 2009

rip out a part of my heart

2 weeks ago (exactly), i bought a matt, body-con mini skirt from Topshop. I'd seen it on the website and admired it, but finally went to the shop to see if they had any in stock. Luckily for me, they did, and I was so happy as I was looking for some sort of matt/leather mini skirt for the outfit i plan on wearing to the Clothes Show London. I tried it on in the shop and everything seemed to be fine, so i bought it.
Since then, it's been sitting in the bag on my bedroom floor, until last night i thought i'd try my outfit out. And guess what i found? A HOLE IN THE BACK OF THE SKIRT! I actually wanted to cry, i was so upset :(! It's right under the zip and even though it's not a huge hole, it's still noticeable. So tomorrow I'm gonna go back to Bluewater and return it, then just buy lots of other stuff :)

xoxo, oh so glam


  1. ouchhh
    getting a hole in your skirt sucks!
    its very pretty :)
    x x

  2. thank you very much honey :)
    yess, I totally agree with you - if you're wearing something from primark, its guaranteed you'll see atleast 5 people in the same thing!

    loveee that skirt - it looks great! but oh no about the hole.


  3. thanks for the sweet comment u left on my blog ((london--rose.blogspot.com)) it made me smile =D
    i really want that leather skirt! shame about the hole though =( it would probs be quite easy to sew up though, with a bit of black thread.
    love the blog! keep up the good work
    ♥ Hannah

  4. nice skirt!
    love the blog,
    shame about the hole!

  5. aw no how annoying! that skirt is really cool apart from the hole :)


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