Monday, 9 February 2009

Studs, studs and oh look, some more studs!

Right, for those who have been on my blog recently, you would've notice that the item that was top of my 'to buy' list were a pair of studded gladiator heels, similar to the Gucci heels. I would like to now announce with great pleasure, that after days of searching high and low in every shop, hours scouring every possible website, that i have finally GOT THE SHOES! I bought them today, and couldn't stand still while waiting in the queue to buy them, due to an overload of excitement.
(sorry for the bad quality of my photos, my digital camera has gone walkies, so i've had to make do with my phone camera for the time being. Bare with me, i'll get better pictures of the shoes as soon as possible!)

Gucci Black Suede Sandal with Studs, £585:

Peacocks Studded Gladiator Sandal, £20:


  1. thank you :)
    ooh I love your shoes, I saw a similar pair in primark too!

    enjoy your weekend honey!


  2. Thanks :D Yeah i saw the primark pair aswell, but they sold out in like, a week, but i prefer these ones i think :)


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