Wednesday, 11 March 2009

i miss you, i miss your smile.

[I Miss You - Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)]

Sorry i haven't posted anything this week, i just really haven't had the heart to do so. I've been lacking inspiration for writing anything, bogged down the the stress of exams and coursework and other irrelevant issues.

Saturday 10th March 2007, a close friend of mine died suddenly. She was only 13, but she had her whole life ahead of her. We were in year 8 when this happened, and it was such a shock to come into school on Monday morning to find out someone who you'd been talking to only a few days ago was dead, gone forever.
So on Tuesday 10th March 2009, on the 2nd year anniversary of her death, we held a memorial service at school. It was so sad, i promised myself i wouldn't cry, but after walking out onto the school piazza to see my friends crying, i couldn't help myself.

In the weeks after her death, people in our year and the year above went round collecting money towards getting some sort of memorial thing to be placed in school - we wanted a bench, a tree, and were considering a fountain - as their were benches for other girls in the school who had passed away. We managed to raise over £2000 in about 2 weeks! However, despite all our efforts and arguments with the senior members of staff at the school, they never got round to ordering any of these for us.
A year went by, and still no site of remembrance. Two years laters, we have a bench :) We made sure it was unique and special (the benches for the other girls' were just simple benches with a plaque), so we got little benches arranged into the shape of a T (her name was Teleola), and there was a plaque stand planted besides it.

I'd bought flowers that morning which i'd planned on taking to the cemetery, but put them by the bench instead, along with some others.
After school when we got to the cemetery, it was closed! The sign on the gates said it closed at 4 because of winter.
First of all, who knew cemeteries closed?! I thought they were open all the time, for people to just wander into :o & secondly, what's the winter got to do with anything?
So anyways, we laid the other flowers we'd got outside the gates, and sang a song outside the cemetery ^^

Why is she telling us all this? you're probably asking yourself now.
The answer is, i don't know. I made this blog so i could talk about random things, and get things off my chest. It's a place where i can say whatever i want and clear my head.

But the main moral of this post is just to live your life to the maximum, cause you never know what could happen.

♥In Loving Memory Of Teleola Aworinde♥
I know you're up there somewhere, looking down on me, smiling that big smile of yours that never failed to light up a room.
15.11.93 - 10.03.07


  1. "live as if you'll die tomorrow, dream as if you'll live forever."
    that's such a pretty quote.
    this is so sad...
    it really does make you value life when you lose something so important.

    x x x x x

  2. I'm tel's dad....I don't know how I found this blog but I'm so happy that her school has a memorial for her. She will never be forgotten and I thank you for putting my beautiful child on your blog. Thank you so much...daniel


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