Saturday, 7 March 2009

i want diamonds and rubys..

.. and these miu miu satin heels ♥


Anyone wanna be a darl' and buy them for me?
I'll be your best friend forever :D!

Oh, and i ordered my new ipod today! It should come in a week or so, i'm so excited! My current ipod only has 2gb, which sucks as i've filled it up :\ I found it so hard to choose between the yellow and the red, but decided to buy the red.

good night folks :)
xoxo, oh so glam


  1. ive got that ipod but in yellow, im in love with it, there so thin, so handy to just keep in your purse, love the shoes at the topxxx

  2. Cute shoes. I wanted the ipod in orange, but I like the red! It's so easy ot carry around.

  3. You're right. they're damn gorgeous, so simple and chic.
    Check out my new post!



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