Saturday, 28 March 2009

i've seen a vision of love and i wanna be delivered

[The River - Good Charlotte & Avenged Sevenfold]

This week has been so hectic for me, so that explains why I've been unable to post much lately. Here's an update of what happened:

Wednesday night:
Went to see a production that a boys school's sixth form had put on, based on the book Dracula.
It was sooo good, but so scary! They had coffins in the background, and the most beautiful guy was Dracula, and he had red contacts which were totally scary and he got topless!

Me and one of my best friends left school at lunch to go to the 17 Again Premiere! 17 Again is out in cinemas on 10th april, with Zac Efron and Matthew Perry.
This was my third meeting with Zac (first time was at the HSM2 signing in the summer of 2007, where i had an actual conversation with him and touched him! and second was last october at the HSM3 premiere), and it was amazing :)
However, this time i didn't get to touch him, which sucks, but it was still an amazing night!
Other stars that turned up included Taylor Swift, Same Difference (x factor), Diana Vickers (x factor), Brian Bello (Big Brother), Roxanne Palette (emmerdale/dancing on ice) and many more.

xoxo, oh so glam

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