Tuesday, 17 March 2009

you rock my world

[Rock My World - Michael Jackson]

This is my updated coveting list, items which i will get, one way or the other:

1. Zip Skirt.
Not only are zip skirts very en vogue at the moment, they are just sex on legs. I haven't been able to find a decent one anywhere, until my friend said that River Island were selling one. I went on the website, and sadly i couldn't find it anywhere :( So i went on the almighty ebay and checked to see if anyone was selling theirs, and i found one! Brand new aswell! The starting bid price is £10 with free p&p, but it doesn't end until 3 days away, so i'll keep an eye on it for now to make sure no-one bids :)

2. Zip Dress.
It seems that anything with a revealed zip is forcing its way into the minds of young, teenage girls. H&M do a gorgeous zip dress, and if you haven't seen it i would've loved to get you a proper photo of it, but i cannot navigate the H&M website to save my life :| If anyone can, please may you tell me how to actually look at the clothes to order online etc? CHEERS, much appreciated :) [plus, i'm mega lazy, i never go to shops that aren't in my town centre or in the shopping area by my school anymore] So anyways, considering i couldn't find it on the website, i once again went onto the lovely ebay to get a proper look at it and i managed to find a lovely picture (it doesn't do the dress justice, trus' me).

3. New Look's Boyfriend Blazer
Last week, New Look released their new collection, with the gorgeous Alexa Chung modelling them. Everything was to die for, but what stood out for me was the boyfriend blazer. I already have a blazer, but i really want a black one which is more sortof casual, so when i saw this i knew i had to have it. So hopefully, i'll go to New Look and get it tomorrow xD I absolutely love this photo, i love everything Alexa is wearing, especially the heels!

4. Patent Doc Martens
I have been wanting these for so long, but i just haven't had the money to get them! I love the different colours, when i finally do get a pair it will take me years to decide what colour to get! What colour would you get/have you got?

Those are the main things for now, but there are loads of other stuff i need!
What are you guys currently wanting?

xoxo, oh so glam


  1. ahh i have the hennes zip dress too in black and purple! and i got a zip skirt in hennes aswell, have you chekd it out? my 50p dress is from a car boot!

  2. i have this zip dress as well. and as for the patent docs, i def. want the pink candy colored one. so amazing.


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