Tuesday, 17 March 2009

i thought i saw your eyes, laced in smoke and cigarette curls

[Liquor and Love Lost - Bring Me The Horizon]

I've bought hardly anything in about a week, which is a record for me D;
I'm not sure why, it's partially because i'm trying to start being more conscious of my spending, taking the current economic crisis into account, and probably because i've just been.. well.. too tired to shop (including online shopping, ill browse through every website and see things i like, but just can't be bothered to actually buy anything).
However, yesterday i ordered 2 things:

- A yellow ipod chromatic (something went wrong with the last one i ordered so i got a refund and had to get another one)

- Harem trousers. Brand new from ebay, and they cost £12.75 (including postage) which is an amazing price, since some shops are selling them for £20+!

What would you wear with your harem trousers? I've got a few styling ideas, but your opinion is much appreciated!

xoxo, oh so glam


  1. i'd wear thoae black harem pants with a fringed or one soulder crop top under a denim military jacket. :")

  2. o so cute! luv the yellow ipod im getting one this year. the gold is so pretty its driving me crazy! and sorry but im not much of a fasion expert so idk a cute top to match w/ the pants, but stylish

  3. harem trousers look great with any pastel colored button up and snappy scarf around your neck twice. hope u like this!


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