Monday, 2 March 2009

insane, am i the only motherfxcker with a brain?

[Eyeless - Slipknot]

Once again, i apologise for the lack of posts in the past week (I'm aiming to blog daily), but i've just had a lack of inspiration, and whenever i turn my laptop on, hoping something will suddenly come to me, it never does :(
But on a lighter note, i have new stuff :)! I ordered a few things last week and they finally arrived today, and i also popped into a few shops after school, not searching for anything inparticular, just looking.
Anyways, not to bore you with anymore random babbling, here are photos of what i got :) :

I got this gorgeous bag from Peacocks for a mere £8! I'm gonna use it as a school bag, as my current Prada bag (yupppp it's real from Italy :D!) is becoming rather distressed D;

This skirt is also from Peacocks, and i found it hidden away in the sales rack for £4. I bought a skirt similar to it last year from New Look, but the skirt was too small :( It came with a cute little bow belt ^^

A bag i ordered from Asos :) I was abit disappointed at the length of the chain strap, it looked much longer in the photo, but i could always tuck the strap into the bag and carry it as a clutch.

My American Apparel skirt finally came! I'll post a better photo with it when i wear it out, as you cannot really see it in the photos. I'm tempted to wear it to school tomorrow as my school skirt, seeing as it's the correct colour, but i'll think about it :D

Lots of pictures, i know and i apologise!
Oh and for the record, i've decided to write about florals again for the vogue contest. The introduction i've written is pretty witty, if i say so myself ;)

And on a further note, AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL AND 90210 TONIGHT!!!!!
Bring it on :D

xoxo, oh so glam

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  1. god!
    i'm dying for an aa skirt,
    where can i buy one online?!
    i feel a bit foolish :)
    i like the clutch/BUT NOT A CLUTCH bag too,
    little pop of colour there!
    x x x


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