Friday, 6 March 2009

my heart swells with hatred in your name

[Black And Blue - Bring Me The Horizon] (they're my favourite band, ever)

I've been lacking in posts this week, and i apologize. I've just realised that I've apologized in the last couple of posts, I don't know why, it's just in my nature to apologise consistently. Also, is apologize spelt with an s or a z? Or is it just one of those things, like recognise/recognize? I've been pondering on these for ages now, so if someone can settle that for me then that would be great :D

Last night, i had a school trip to see Lord Of The Flies in a theatre by London Bridge. Lord Of The Flies is the book I'll be answering about in my english GCSE'S, and since i took drama for GCSE, i'll also be comparing the stage production of LOTF to another stage play. It was actually really good, compared to the book. For anyone who may not have had the chance to read it (luckily for you!), i'll sum it up in a few points:
- A group of young boys (between the ages of 6ish-13ish) have their plane crash on an island, while being evacuated from the war, and this island has no adults
- There's a fat kid called Piggy that pretty much gets bullied by almost everyone because he's fat with glasses and asthma, and he's the only one that talks much sense
- They choose a boy called Ralph to be the Chief of the island
- There's another boy called Jack who's the senior choir boy of a posh school, and he wanted to be the leader, but ends up being in charge of hunting
- They start a fire to create smoke, which they hope would be seen by someone so they can get rescued, but a little boy ends up being killed by the fire (the book tells us this indirectly)
- There's a boy called Simon who's the more philosophical boy of the group, who likes going into the middle of the forest to look at flowers and stuff, and he suffers from epilepsy and it constantly having fits
- Jack and Roger (a furtive boy who keeps to himself) go crazy with hunting and killing pigs
- They end up killing Simon (mistakenly.. sort of)
- The group splits, so Piggy, Ralph and some others are on one side of the island, and Jack, Roger and the others are on another side of the island
- Piggy gets killed
- They get rescued.

IT'S BORING. Except when they kill Simon, that's kind of exciting xD Anyways, the play was soo good! And all the guys were gorgeous and TOPLESS THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE THING. So it was an hour and a half of watching gorgeous men run about like kids half naked. YUM.
This is what i wore :) :

[Blouse - New Look; Skirt - American Apparel; Black Cardigan - New Look; Grey Tights - Primark; Heart Necklace - Dorothy Perkins; Bracelets - Various places]

I bought the top and cardigan in the New Look sale earlier in the week, and I wore the AA skirt high waisted :) I wore my gladiator studded heels for the first half of the night, but changed them to my primark plimsolls after, purely for comfort reasons :)

Apologies (once again) for the longness of this!

xoxo, oh so glam


  1. Hii, thank you!! I like your top.
    I used Photoshop for the collages and then saved them all as.PNG files. Hope this helps? =]


  2. Nice outfit! I like the skirt. The necklace is a good complement too.

  3. Lovely outfit and I really like your header pic ^^

  4. thank you for your lovely comment honey :)
    and mmmm, chris evans is gorgeous!
    and yayyy, lets stalk mcdonalds boy :D haha..

    yay for the aa skirt! isn't it amazing?!
    gorgeous outfit!



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