Thursday, 16 April 2009

this is a longting starrrr.

[Sorry You Are - Tinchy Stryder & Chipmunk]

The title of this post is highly relevant, as this may turn out to be quite long, considering how long i've not posted (okay it's been like 4 days, but that is pretty damn long!). However, i do not wish to give your eyes repetitive strain injury, so i'll break each day down into different posts. Starting with....


Monday was the day of my cousin's 1st birthday (she's not really my cousin, she's more of a family friend but we're pretty close so i call her my cousin anyways), so we went round her house for a little shindig :)
It was pretty grooovy, i got abit drunk from mixing martini in my coke without no-one realising ahah :p
But erm yeah, this is what i wore:

[Blue sleeveless cardigan thingy - New Look; JLS top (underneath) - the JLS website; Wet look leggings - Random shop; Quilted chain bag - Dorothy Perkins]

I teamed this with a pair of not-too-high heels ;)

Tuesday, coming up!

xoxo, oh so glam

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