Wednesday, 8 April 2009

would you lie with me and just forget the world

[Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol]

Okay, so today was day two of my journalism course. It was sooo good! I never realised that the woman that was helping to co-ordinate it, Rowenna Davis, was a professional freelance journalist, and she writes for the Times, and the Guardian.
So today we interviewed some young people about what they thought about shops having mosquito devices installed, and filmed it. I was appointed as the photographer for it, as i'm the only one out of the other kids who knows how to take professional photos and stuff.
Anyways, Rowenna used her writing contacts to get us an over-the-phone interview with Sir Al Aynsley Green; the Child Commissioner of the UK!. This was also filmed, and I got to speak to him :) Now that we've had the opinion of someone with alot of authority, it's more than likely that our documentary will be broadcast on national TV :D But i'll let you know more about it, as tomorrow is the final day of the course :)

Swiftly moving on, here is what i wore today. I told you in the last post, i'd be wearing my new purchases soon, so here goes ^^ :

[Dress - New Look; Tights - H&M; Necklace - Primark; Bracelets - Various places; Pumps - Primark; Bag - Chanel]

I got my Chanel bag in November or December, given to me by my aunty, who's always giving me her unwanted designer goods :D!

xoxo, oh so glam

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