Wednesday, 9 March 2011

i'm a spacebound rocket ship & your heart's the moon

[Spacebound - Eminem]

Big apologies for not posting in over a week! My laptop charger got blown out by a dodgy extension socket thing in the mothers room, so I'm still waiting for a new one to arrive. I'm posting this from the main house computer, which I absolutely hate, but it must be done!

I've been home ill for the last few days, which is good because these days I'm so fed up of school, and simply cant be arsed, but bad because of all the work I'm gonna need to catch up on. Plus, tomorrow is result's day from the AS exams I did in January, so I'm not looking forward to seeing a big fat FAIL on the paper :( To make things worse, tomorrow is also the 4 year anniversary of my friends death (read about it here), so everyone's gonna be a bit bummed out :(

but on a lighter note, here's what I wore to sixth form on Monday. I'm not gonna do regular sixth form outfit posts, kuz I tend to wear the same thing, just swapping blazers & shirts.

[Blazer - H&M; Shirt -; Skirt - from the mother]
Here's a closeup of the shirt. It's such a beautiful shirt, floral design with pearl buttons. The only flaw is that it's not very well made - the button holes weren't closed up properly, so all the silky material is loose, causing the buttons to become stuck in them, I've lost so many buttons on it :(

My skirt is a mini pleated denim skirt that the mother bought for me a while ago. I'm not sure if it was designed to be high waisted, but that's the only way I can wear it, plus I think it looks so much better :)
And to finish the outfit out, I teamed it with my Vans that I got from Macy's in New York back in the summer of 2007. I love these shoes so much, but they have seen better days! I plan on keeping them until they actually fall apart (getting close to that time!)

That's all for now, I'll try to do a post summing up my favourite picks from all the Fashion Weeks (including Kate Moss & the cigarette!) some time this week!

xoxo, lizz

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